Analysis of Sociological Data (SOCI109) - UCSD

Syllabus Winter 2023, Summer 2023

Student Feedback: 

"The professor sets the students up for success by providing all the resources necessary and often encouraging students to reach out by email or during office hours. Whenever a student has a question, he works with them to guide them to a solution and provides additional resources and support. His patience and understanding influence my desire to learn more about the content. His passion and enthusiasm for this topic can be seen in his lecture style and teaching methods and it is evident that he wishes to get the students as excited about quantitative sociology as he is."

Social Research Methods (SOC126) - PUC Chile

Syllabus (in Spanish) 2016, 2017

Student Feedback: 

"Although the course is very methodical, the classes with Professor Mackenna are very  entertaining. He constantly uses examples (many) to explain the subject better, which is appreciated. Class attendance is very important, I like that it is not compulsory. The quiz system is very efficient. Putting knowledge into practice helps to be better prepared for the tests, since the contents must be applied, this serves as a form of pre-evaluation. Good distribution of content and classes."

"The effort that the teacher makes to make the field more stimulating is noticeable. In addition, he knows how to notice when he hasn't been paid attention, to which he responds in a very didactic way: instead of not repeating himself and then evaluating what he knows no one has heard, he says things again. I think he is an excellent teacher."

Sociological Paradigms (SOC100) - PUC Chile

Syllabus (in Spanish) 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Student Feedback: 

"Very good teacher, passionate about what he teaches. He is very concerned about his teaching role and shows a good reception to criticism. He was able to introspect himself in front of the entire course for the first teacher evaluation, which is highly valued. He is concerned about his course, it shows that he prepares it with great dedication."

"Very capable teacher with great knowledge of the contents. He explained in detail and emphasized the important concepts of the course. He encouraged participation and asked if we had any kind of doubts, as well as encouraging complementary reading. He makes very competent funny analogies with the subject matter that facilitated the understanding of the concepts and that enlivens the class."

Teaching Assistantships

You can find a comprehensive list of my teaching assistantships in my CV.

Student Feedback:

"Bernardo is exceptionally good at explaining statistical concepts in ways that make sense to even the least stats minded of us. He is also incredibly patient with us students and puts in a huge amount of effort to help us succeed. He is extremely effective in getting points across about material covered in class. He gives clear explanations and was extremely helpful in one on one meetings. Genuine interest in students' learning, thorough and clear explanations, great organization and preparation for sections, flexibility and openness for changes in content and format required." - Student from Quantitative Methods II (SOCG206)

"Bernardo was really helpful in understanding our course material outside of what the professor discussed in class. He was able to explain the material in a way that could be easily understood and connect concepts together. He can relate to being a student. He understand the diffculity, struggles, and time abilities for a student. He was so kind and crazy smart. I want to take a class with him as a professor. He gave great feedback on papers and any questions I had. My favorite professor this quarter. I loved him, he's awesome." - Student from Classical Sociological Theory (SOCI100)

Instructor Feedback:

"Bernardo was an exceptional TA for the course. The transition to online teaching would have been impossible without his support. His level of preparation, his support of students, and his attention to their learning was exceptional."

"Bernardo went above and beyond in working right up until the TA Union initiated its strike. His work and work ethic were exemplary."


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